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What is the trip? 

First and foremost, this is a trip where you will have the choice to be physically active! It is recommended that you are an active person or train before the trip. But don't let this intimidate you.  No matter what fitness level you start the trip with, you will gain fitness due to altitude changes and hiking; something we like to call "acclimating".


Acclimate first: 

Our treks are 14-16 day trips that being with the exploration of the hidden secret of Chiquian, known as the "little mirror of heaven". From our lodge in Chiquian we spend three days taking day hikes to acclimate for our trek. The places we visit in Chiquian are hikes that most tourists will never experience unless they know a Peruvian.


Trek through the Huayhuash Cordillera – 4 or 6 days:

After we acclimate in Chiquian, we set off in a private van to the beginning of our trek in the Huayhuash Cordillera. Donkeys, driven by our donkey driver carry our gear and food while we walk with only our daypacks. We have chosen the most spectacular part of the Huayhuash circuit and created 4 or 6 day routes for our treks. Refer to the trip itineraries for further trip and hiking details..


Yoga and Trekking

The Yoga and Trekking trip is the same itinerary as our 4 day trek, Las Tres Lagunas and Avalanche trek with yoga sessions throughout the trip. Your yoga instructor will guide you through yoga and meditation sessions in our lodge at Chiquian, at Pre-Incan ruins, and at the our hidden special lake. In addition, you have the option for beachfront yoga in Lima and yoga in the Huayhuash Cordillera. Each yoga instructor customizes the amount of yoga and type of yoga sessions for the trip.


Why We Specialize In The Huayhuash

Our local staff led by Nilo has lived, hiked, and explored the Huayhuash their entire lives. This is where our families are from for generations past, and we have a strong connection not only to the land, but to our friends and family that continue to live there..


Climate and weather

The season in the Peruvian Andes: We have dry season and rainy season. December to March is rainy season in the mountains and summer season at the coast (Lima). May to October is clear and heavy rainsare rare, therefore we recommend taking trips during these months.

Temperatures vary little throughout the year – here are approximate temperatures you will find in the places we go:

  1. Lima: Mostly cloudy from April to November. Temperatures around 60-75 F°. No rain during the whole year. The summer is very hot and humid with temperatures between 65 F° -95 F°.
  2. Chiquian: Daytime 60 to 75 F°; Nighttime 45 to 32 F°
  3. Trek: Daytime 50 to 65 F°; Nighttime 40-32 F° below zero. The temperature drops sharply when the sun goes down. Remember that during the trek we hike from12,500 ft.and over 15,000 to 16,000 ft. passes.


Interesting facts about the Cordillera Huayhuash:

  • The entire length of the cordillera Huayhuash measures only 18 miles, but within this compact area lies an amazing array of towering peaks (six peaks over 19,965 feet!)
  • Its reputation has grown because of its spectaculars highlights, such as glaciers and avalanches, which make it distinctive and unique.
  • Many expeditions have been there to open and crown virgin summits such as: The conquering of Mt Yerupajá (6,634 m., the highest) leaded by the strong team of Harvard Andean Expedition (1950);The expedition to Mt. Rondoy Climbed by the legendary italian climber Walter Bonnatti; expedition of The London School Mountain Club (1963) an many others.
  • Explored by O.M. Miller (USA) in 1927, when he registered the six peaks over 19,600 ft.
  • Famous in the best seller Touching the Void, that tells the story of the dramatic climbing of Siula Peak by Joe Simpson.

If you are interested in a shorter trip with us, email leigha about how to modify a trip for your needs: